‘An hour at a time’: How people recovering from addiction are coping with lockdown

Panel talk at the mindful drinking festival 2020

Afternoon discussion of male sobriety

I was asked to join this wonderful panel to talk about male sobriety. This extremely important discussion included opinions on lad drinking culture. Tips on remaining sober in an alcohol drenched world. What impact being sober has had on my mental health. What advice would I give to another guy who is thinking about giving up booze.

I truly enjoyed being allowed to share my views on this and It has inspired me to raise more awareness on this topic.
I have found most men don’t like to talk about their drinking (or anything in fact) and in 2020 I am going to be organising some male orientated events to encourage more conversation.


I had alcohol counselling to save my marriage

“Just a small glass of wine while I cook, no more than that,” is what I told my wife every Sunday as I rolled up my sleeves to prepare our weekly roast dinner. Pouring out a modest glass of Merlot as I peeled the potatoes, I almost believed it myself. But one glass become two, of course, and the second soon became a third. By the time the food was ready, I was too tipsy to enjoy it with her like the civilised man I was supposed to be.

Alcoholism wormed its way into my marriage discreetly, without violent arguments or tearful interventions. But the damage it wrought was insidious, and before I knew it, my marriage of three years was on the rocks. After a particularly alcohol-fuelled Christmas…

WHEN CANCER PLAYS CUPID… we fell in love on a chemo ward 

We fell in love on a chemo ward knowing cancer could cut us short at any point. Emma was 39 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010.

Five years later, it returned just as Dave came into her life.

CANCER doesn’t just affect the patient. It can wreak havoc with relationships, rampaging through lives, and leaving them in tatters.

Emma Campbell found herself a single mum-of-four to Jake, now 15 and triplets Ella, Louis and Theo, now eight, while also facing breast cancer.

What kind of wonderful man takes on a mum of four… 

What kind of wonderful man takes on a mum of four (including triplets) who’s just been told her cancer’s returned?

A man like Dave who met Emma on a home makeover TV show when she was at her lowest ebb.

Emma Campbell revealed the challenges of dreaming about the future.

She separated from her partner the day she went to the doctor about a lump.