I hosted my first ‘Sober Dave’s Saturday social’ in September 7th 2019

FEATURED IN 15 EVENT: Starting over with sobriety

My name is Dave. I started drinking at the young age of 14 years old. Quite often I would go home, throw up and then get up in the morning and go to school with a hangover!

My drinking carried on and I became a regular at the local pub.

Moving on I developed the nickname “Gluggs”! Gluggs because I would drink at an incredible speed whilst in the pub. Almost like I couldn’t get enough.

My drinking carried on during my twenties, thirties and forties, costing me many friends and relationships along the way.

I moved into a cottage in my early forties and this became my ‘lock in’.

I no longer went to the pub. I became a reclusive drinker. I would stock up on a Friday with Vodka, wine and strong percentage lager, and appear Monday morning completely hungover and depressed. This carried on for 10 years
or so.

I started a relationship with my now wife Emma, and she had been diagnosed with cancer right at the beginning. Yes of course I stopped drinking! Nope I drank more!

Four years in to our relationship and regularly we argued, I would get even more pissed, and sleep on the sofa. Our relationship was in tatters.

Last year, I was scammed for nearly £10,000, and then my Mum became unwell, and subsequently died at the end of last year. Family stresses, money worries and business was terrible. This year my wife has been diagnosed for the 3rd time with breast cancer.

I decided enough was enough, even with all this diversity. I HAD to stop. No longer could I rely on the fake crutch of alcohol. My body, and mind had enough. My marriage had enough.

I want to share my 40 year relationship with booze. The good times, and the very bad times.

The Seedlip Nogroni launch in Brick Lane